At least it is in the Northwest and South and that means that fleas are active and multiplying.  For those of you whose cats go outside, it’s time to begin monthly flea treatment (mark your calendar  now to remind yourself!), and, in most areas of the country, heartworm preventative.  Those nasty fleas not only make  cats miserable and infest your house, carpet, and furniture, they also carry tape worm to infect them.   Mature, untreated tape worms will rob your cats of needed nutrients from their food.

Please be sure to buy your flea treatment that’s recommended by your vet from him/her or online.  Don’t try to cut corners with treatments sold at pet stores.  They are notoriously ineffective and one brand has killed a number of cats in the past.  Heartworms are easily prevented with a monthly pill or with Revolution®, which also kills external parasites, including ear mites.

YOU MAY NOT KNOW that indoor cats are very much at risk for acquiring heartworms.  This deadly disease, carried by mosquitoes,  is easily transmitted by them to your cat in your house.  Be sure to protect your kitty.

Laura Speirs, Feline Behavior Consultant