From February 14-March 17, 2010, very low cost cat spays ($25) and neuters ($10) will be offered and underwritten by several area animal rescue groups.  These fees are unprecedented for their low amount.  Targeted will be low-income apartments and housing areas, but anyone can take advantage of this program. If you know someone whose cat is unaltered, please tell them of this opportunity.

Contact 503-286-2411, e-mail: spayday@spayoregon.org, or http://www.spayoregon.org.

I just returned from the island of Kauai where I visited the Kauai Humane Society twice.  The shelter is a very nice facility and the only one on the island.   They house around 50 cats.  I was impressed by the 3 cat rooms I visited where all the cats free roam and have  outdoor enclosures with plenty of fresh air and backs up to a lovely courtyard.  The cats I met seemed happy and were mostly friendly wanting to get on my lap and spend time with me.  If  you happen to visit Kauai, I would recommend you stop by the shelter and check it out.  I’m sure the cats would appreciate a visit from you as well!

Laura Speirs, Feline Behavior Consultant